Friday, November 16, 2012

Honey,i shrink.......

For a short period of my life I dated a shrink. So whenever I was asked the question "Are you seeing someone?", I had to try my level best not to sound sarcastic when answering, " Yeah, a psychiatrist!"

Monday, November 5, 2012

Boy Oh Boy!

Was cleaning up my mails and found something from the past. This is really weird. Boy, I was such a nerd! What you see below is the mail I sent to one of my exs before we started dating. I don't know what the hell was she thinking, it worked! No worries, she is on my friend-list and is happily married to a normal human being now. Thank you for not poisoning me dear! 

"Yes, this might sound odd or on a worst case scenario, inappropriate. But I don't think I can hold this information within me for long.I am not a person who works on emotions.I do care a very few of things and when I say few, the list is really really small.I am uncertain of the causes, but you are now on that list. I usually do work independently. I don't entertain people much and loathe the society.To get all of this straight, would it be totally weird, if we had dinner together? You pick the day- which is next friday by the way."