Monday, December 24, 2012

Its time to bring in the LOGOs

People having disagreements on the Black Dot logo, the community is widely using to represent the Delhi Tragedy. Definitely logos are a nice way to go. History shows us the relevance of logos in situations like this. Personally, logos helped me to a great extend, through many tough phases of my life. Somebody also let the girl at hospital know- more logos coming up, yeaaay!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Moment of Truth

Glad News! I am still Human. Neural network did transmit a rare signal at around 6.45AM to the lacrimal duct and it created a chemical composition which had prolactin and it was ejected out through my eyes. Layman calls it crying. I call it cleansing.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Its a sick sick sick world

The world is not gonna explode, its not gonna catch a fire from the sun, its not gonna shake its people off to annihilation. The world will end one day overpopulated by hostile pedophiles,psychopaths and terrorists! 27 people gone in one day, 27 children. Without even knowing what they did wrong. We are sorry that you had to spend your time in this mad world. R.I.P

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Man who made a pact with the Ghost

It was last night. As usual, I was forcing myself to sleep with a decent dose of Xanax. The talking clock said it was somewhere around one in the midnight, but it said the same thing in the morning while I was having breakfast. I was in my bed staring at the wall thinking of all the mistakes I made during the day. The thought somewhat guaranteed my upcoming sleepless night, so I turned on my laptop and refreshed my Facebook for at-least thirty times. Men posting pictures of booze bottles; Pretty girls posting Good Night messages, Men commenting on those Good Night Messages, Noobs sending Farmville requests. Oh Crap; I was online on Chat this whole time. Boring people from the other side of the world are sending me messages. I moved on to YouTube. Put on my headphones and tried listening to ‘Moonlight Kiss’. Fifty minutes later, I am still on YouTube watching some guy on weed crying to a rainbow. No sign of sleep. I had my lights on. Suddenly it went off, with a strange noise. I sat up on the bed. I could sense something moving in room. The light came up. No one was there. The whole thing repeated for about nine times. Darkness everywhere. Though now I could see a shape moving near the wall. 

“Who goes there?” I asked.

Silence. I got up from the bed and moved towards the wall. I saw in the darkness, two eyes staring at me. What followed was a loud scream. Sounded like a mature woman yelling at the top of her lungs.

“Who is that?” I asked again.

Then she started talking in a low-key voice. Yet it was uneasy on my ears.

“You might not recognize me. I am not from your world”. She said with a mild grin.

“Even if you lived next door, chances are that I might not recognize you. As I don’t go out often….” I was interrupted at this point.

“I am a ghost.” She said.

“Yeah, I kind’a got that. And the whole sneaking thing;  Neat Job. Respect. But what exactly are you doing here?” I was getting slightly annoyed.

“Aren’t you afraid?” She sounded too curios for a ghost.

“Well, Err, No offense. I don’t know when did you move in, But we live in India, the light flickering thing is quite common here and especially at this time of the year. And I lived with my parents for about 20 years of my life, I am quite used to the mature screaming as well. “ I tried to be as polite as possible.

“I am the last thing you are going to see. Do you have anything to say?” She asked.

“Okay? Let me clarify a couple of things” I sat down again, this time on a chair. “You came to my room and you are saying to me that you are going to kill me? I mean, what’s the point. No one is going to know how I died. Don’t you people like some sort of appreciation for the work you put in? People will still go ahead and make fake movies about you, but you know how much money the contemporary horror movies are making. So that trend is going down the drain and eventually you will be forgotten forever. Give yourself a break. What’s the fucking point of your life, sorry, death!”

She sat on the other side of the bed with a long sigh.

I moved the chair closer to her. She was beautiful by the way.

“Hey, don’t be upset. I didn’t mean it that way.  But look at the brighter side. Look at your options. I can help you out. Lets make a deal. I will help you achieve whatever you need in here. And in return, you help me out with the supernatural world. Ok?” I said.

“Hmm, Ok” She nodded.

“Well, lets see. What do you want now? I asked

“Hmm, I would like to go to a pub. Never been there actually” She said with a smile.

“That’s it? I mean no revenge-killing-assistance? Whatever! Done, I will take you to a pub” I said.

“Thanks, So what do you want?” She moved a little closer to me.

“Hmm, I would really like to go back in time! “ I made the statement.

“You mean like time travel?” She seemed doubtful.

“Ah, Yes! Exactly like time travel, Duh!!” I said.

“Err, Sorry, but we are not there yet. I mean, work is happening, but we need more time to do time travel and things like that.” She said.

“Oh, well then, make me rich…super rich” I went with my next option.

“Ehh” She moved her head implying a No.

“Invisibility, Telekinetics, Predicting Future, Immortality, Resetting my credit card dues?” I listed out all my options.

“Ah, well. Technically, I cannot but…aah…(sighs and thinks for a second) No, No I cant”. She finally admitted.

“What can you do then?” I queried.

“I can turn you into a black cat”.  She was excited.

“Why,why.why the hell would I want to change to a fucking cat? “ I was frustrated.

“I don’t know, you can scare people, you can chase little things, and throw up hairballs….” She said.

“Ewww, ew ew ew. Stop” I interrupted. “Alright, I don’t want anything now. I am feeling tad sleepy. Do you mind?”

“Oh yeah sure” She stood up. “Are you sure about the cat thing? Its kind’a fun”. She said.

“Oh I am sure”. I got inside the warm blanket. “Just keep me posted on the time travel updates.”

She then vanished into thin air. The lights came back up. The talking clock said it was six in the morning.